Retainer Contracts

A retainer service contract incorporating any or all of the items identified previously as well as incorporating any additional specific items of interest to the client company can be set up with Anderson Plastics Consulting.

Services might include:

  • Assistance on a project that the client completed previously where some short-term follow up is needed.
  • Research on a specific subject that may only require 3-5 days of work.
  • Ability for different business units in a company to access the resources of Anderson Plastics Consulting for short-term consulting requirements without having to prepare separate contracts.
  • APC, while employed by prior consulting companies, has made semi-annual polyolefins industry review presentations to client companies that have been scheduled as part of the company’s internal sales meetings, strategy meetings or on an as needed basis for senior level business meetings. These presentations have been tailored to each client with a specific agenda and with issues and questions to be addressed discussed in advance of the presentation. Individual meetings with specific business groups have been set up before or after the presentation to address issues and questions that were generated during the meeting, but require meeting post-presentation to be addressed.
  • The Retainer Contract has no minimum cost and the company is invoiced only for the services for which it contracts based on pre-agreed professional fees at specified rates and expenses for each task.