Consulting Activity (2004-2016)

Consulting Activity (2004-2016) While at APC, CMR, ICIS and Townsend Solutions

Aromatics and Polymers Organizational Structure Design (client confidential)

  • Middle East client requested market entry strategies and plans for their NEWCO polymers company for product that will be produced via their current ventures and near-future ventures. Client wanted multiple scenario’s developed reflecting a basic entry plan option, an option for entering moderately technical markets and an option to enter highly technical markets and applications requiring technical development over several years to penetrate targeted markets. This included understanding and detailing premiums for products intended for higher value markets and applications in 6 regions of the world with an understanding of how much penetration would be possible over time to capture a fair market share.

Technical & Financial Assessment for the Need of an Applications Development Center (client confidential)

  • APC was part of a three-man assessment team with APC accountable for determining the type of higher value markets and applications the center should focus on during the first 10 years of operation. This would then allow for a financial analysis on the revenue generated that would be attributable to this center over time justifying its investment.

Polystyrene Export Opportunity Analysis for Client in South America

  • Retained by collaborative consulting firm while at Chemical Market Resources this collaborative team jointly identified potential sellers, vetted them and set up meetings with them and the client. My role was to define supply/demand in the US and determine trade balances for polystyrene. The Free Trade Agreement between Brazil and the United States eliminated the duty on Polystyrene. The net result was the successful development of distribution agreements with several companies for the client.

Potential Polymer Acquisition Candidates Analysis (client confidential)

  • A three-man senior level team was retained, of which I was a member, to assess growth opportunities in PE and PP, especially (but not limited to) JV or acquisition opportunities in North America. My role in this project was delivering the supply/demand polymer analysis and provide senior level producer profiles of North American suppliers. The two senior associates engaged were longtime associates with whom I had successfully worked similar projects in the past. Outcome of the effort was that the client chose not to move forward due to North American economic changes and declines in late 2015.

Confidential Assessment of Vistamaxx® for a Specific Market (client confidential)

  • Retained as part of a two-man senior level team by a client to assess the commercial market offerings of Vistamaxx into a defined market and understand the key parameters of production locations, packaging, densities offered, molecular weights, pricing, and any other key findings of note. Client used this information to develop penetration strategies in specific markets targeted.

New Project Development

PDH/Polypropylene Investment Opportunity, North America

  • The Sarnia-Lambton Economic Partnership, a government/industry cooperative association, retained Polymer Consulting International and Chemical Market Resources to assess the potential to attract a PDH/Polypropylene investment to Sarnia based on low-cost Marcellus/Utica propane. The work included an economic analysis, feedstock supply, site location analysis, logistics focusing on the benefits of selecting Sarnia (location, infrastructure, etc.).

Client Confidential/North America

  • While at ICIS and CMR, I was part of a three-man team to assess PE products for export to Western Europe based on a chosen process technology.  CMR consulting staff contacted key export distributors in the US and in Europe to gain in-depth insight into grades that are preferred and other competitive entry issues.  Client gained PE education and incorporated findings into strategic plans.  The other two senior associates engaged were longtime associates with whom I had successfully worked similar projects in the past.


Polypropylene Assets: Acquisition Analysis (client confidential)

  • Retained by another consulting firm as part of an assessment team engaged by a polymer producer assessing whether to place a bid on the petrochemical assets as a market entry strategy into the USA. Tasks included a polypropylene supply/demand/trade analysis, input into the PP assets of producer’s production facilities, market analysis of their products versus published industry pricing, recommendations on optimizing PP assets, and technical assessment of the producer’s product development key projects and determine longer term viability and probability of success. Client made a bid for petrochemical assets and acquired the company.

Market Research and Analysis

Middle East Plastic Pipe Market and Cost Analysis (client confidential)

  • Retained to develop a cost and market analysis for HDPE pressure pipe. This was for a petrochemical joint venture entering polymer production in the Middle East and wanted to understand the details of market demand and the need to conduct application development in their technical center.

Global Analysis of Acid Co-polymer Market (client confidential)

  • Retained to conduct a market demand and producer analysis for acid co-polymers specifically being used in film sealant applications. It was determined that a new competitor had entered the market with a “low acid” product used in aseptic liquid applications that caused our client to lose significant market volume.  With this new found information the client was able to develop both tactical and strategic competitive implementation plans to respond.

Global Analysis of Bi-Modal HDPE Market

  • Conducted a survey of converters to determine the type of bi-modal HDPE resin preferred and why. The results led a process technology producer and catalyst supplier to formulate long term development plans for the next 5-7 years.