About Us

Who Is APC and Why Choose APC ?

Anderson Plastics Consulting (APC) is a petrochemical marketing and technical consultancy with an intense focus on delivering meaningful and sustainable information so clients can make informed business decisions and improvements – results that impact your bottom line.

  • Anderson Plastics Consulting, LLC (APC) was formally launched in March 2016.
  • Headquartered in Houston, Texas, APC engages accomplished professionals who average 25 – 30 years of real-world business and technology experience with some of the world’s most progressive chemical and petrochemical companies.
  • APC’s industry experts bring valuable knowledge and insight into the market and business analysis service by leveraging APC’s product performance and market database to help our clients analyze, modify and/or define their business strategies/tactics, define market development targets and assist R&D in technical development goals.
  • APC’s mission is to provide the best possible personalized consulting service so clients are better positioned to succeed in an increasingly competitive and difficult environment; whether it is gaining a deeper understanding of a market segment, industry issues, an analysis of a potential new product, pricing and margin analysis, or global developments to enhancing short and long term strategic decisions.
  • The challenge for many companies is making use of the collection of product, market and cost data available to answer critical business questions and understand market trends and drivers.
  • APC’s services are based on a deep foundation of product and market performance data.
  • APC does not just deliver the results of the task presented in the scope of work. In addition to the inherent complexities of the process technologies and the supply chain systems utilized to deliver products, the client needs to effectively integrate the business goals into a cohesive strategy, that includes operations, product management, marketing, and sales functions to be successful.
  • Selecting the right product mix, market segments and consistently delivering on them to maximize returns requires an approach that integrates the organization, processes, and technology into overall business capability.
  • APC’s proven experience and analysis is used to develop a strategic road-map to reach the clients targeted future vision.

We help petrochemical companies create and improve industry products, services and market knowledge through long lasting relationships